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This EP came about in the fall of 2015 as a challenge by Sarah Schonert ( to create tracks using presets she designed in the Ultra Analog VA-2 and Chromaphone plug-ins from Applied Acoustics Systems ( All four tracks included in this EP use one or more presets Sarah created for me. In return I created a number of presets for her and she created a companion EP titled The Kees Files ( I also created presets in the String Studio VS-2 plug-in that I used in several of the four tracks.
I have listed which presets I used with each track. Presets that have a single * are created by me and presets with a double ** are created by Sarah. I have included a track with a short sample of each preset so you can hear them separately and then listen to how I used them in the four tracks. On my EP you will find mostly presets that Sarah made and on her EP she uses many of mine, which are not listed here, except for those that I used.
The presets track consists of three C-chord notes held for approximately 10 seconds, in the following order:

Ultra Analog VA-2:
Blomp Kick**
Delicate Alarm**
Heaven Falling Up**
It Follows You Around**
Low Budget Mystery**
Melting Plastic**
Slyph Beat**
Sub Accoustic Bass (AAS preset)

Dirty Timpani**
Late Night Drinks*
Rich String Delay**

String Studio VS-2:
Deep Funky (AAS preset)
Dobro Rez* (AAS preset modified)
Space Didgeridoo* (AAS preset modified)

1. Sarahnade 4:44
(Deep Funky, NI Kontakt 5: String Session, Kinetic Metal)
2. Sarahn Wrap 4:21
(Low Budget Mystery, Melting Plastic, Heaven Falling Up, Late Night Drinks, Dobro Rez)
3. Kees Sarah Sarah 2:48
(Blomp Kick, Delicate Alarm, Low Budget Mystery, It Follows You Around, Organisch)
4. SaHArah 6:04
(Slyph Beat, Melting Plastic, Sub Acc Bass, Rich String Delay, Dirty Timpani, Space Didgeridoo, Dobro Rez)

All tracks composed and performed by Roofhare in his home studio using the Bitwig DAW and the Fishman Tripleplay wireless midi hexaphonic pickup mounted on a Fender American Stratocaster. All tracks were mastered with iZotope Ozone 6.
All rights reserved 2015.

Special thanks to Sarah Schonert for taking the initiative with this project and for creating most wonderful presets to play with. Her work has amazing splashes of creativity and ingenuity that is utterly inspiring and motivates me to explore new territory. I have very much enjoyed this journey and hope to seek other paths within it.

With deep appreciation,


released December 15, 2015

All tracks by Roofhare (2015)
*presets created by Roofhare
**presets created by Sarah Schonert



all rights reserved


Roofhare Rhode Island

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